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Daily Information

Choosing the best event planner software
In this post, I am going to discuss something near and dear to my heart … event planner software. I know having this level of emotion for something so mundane and inert may sound a bit crazy, but bear with me. I have been building and marketing wedding planning software and event planner software for [...]

Choosing a photographer – and a bit about photography studio management software
It probably comes as no surprise that couples spend the biggest chunk of their wedding budget on their reception, but did you know that they spend the second largest chunk of their budget on their photography and videography? When you thing about it, this makes sense, because most brides and grooms first want to have [...]

Planning the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner for Groom with Groomsmen
You’re getting married. You’re the groom. Then your bride tells you to prepare the rehearsal dinner while she is charge of wedding party gifts for everyone. You have no idea what a rehearsal dinner even is. It’s your first time to get married and hopeful that it’s your last time as well. Now you’re thinking [...]

Groomsmen’s Role in Groom’s Wedding Planning
Today we have a guest post from the very kind people over at… You may have been appointed as one of the groomsmen already at least once in your life but until now you still don’t know what your role is. Well, you have roles and that’s for sure, and not you’re not there to [...]

Finding and booking a DJ for your wedding (and a bit on DJ management software programs)
Been a while since I last posted, but no time like the present to dole out some advice on reception music. Groomasaurus Gal and I decided to forego any DJ or band and use mixes that we put together and play them via our iPod. This is an excellent choice for those brides and grooms who [...]

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring
For today’s post, 77 Diamonds has compiled a ten-step plan to finding the perfect engagement ring. So before the panic sets in, ease your mind with their simple-to-follow guide. 1) DECIDE ON A BUDGET AND KNOW HER RING SIZE Before you can even begin to comprehend the process of deliberating over diamonds, you must outline your budget [...]

Ask the Experts – My parents divorced, will my marriage be doomed?
Today we have a guest post by the esteemed directors of the Relationship Institute at UCLA, Dr. Thomas Bradbury and Dr. Benjamin Karney. From time to time, they will be offering us advice on how to maintain healthy, enduring relationships, so we really appreciate their time in sharing their insights with us. Just a bit about [...]

A little gem of a site … Top Notch Gift Shop
If you’re getting married and have started to explore wedding-related sites, you already know there are tons of sites out there that sell lots of absolute crap (and look more than a bit sketchy doing it). This is what makes Top Notch Gift Shop and the people there such a breath of fresh air. First of [...]

An easier way to play the name change game … introducing
Not everybody changes their last name … my wife kept her last name (mostly because the end result would have given her initials that mirror an unfortunate acronym). However, most brides do change their name, as do some grooms (via hyphenation). But regardless of who you are, there’s quite a bit to do when changing [...]

Walking the fine line between bridezilla and “koo-koo for Coco Puffs”
Look, we all have at least one odd, socially-acceptable-yet-slightly-embarrassing-in-certain-circles obsession. It’s an obsession that you don’t mind mentioning to your friends (and even might boast to them about) but you would rather not have a perfect stranger (especially one whom you are trying to impress) privy to. You know, something like … “Did you know [...]
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Big Ben Bottle OpenerBig Ben Bottle OpenerThis small but sturdy bottle opener can conquer any bottle! Small enough to carry in a pocket or in your favorite cooler caddy, this personalized silver-toned bottle opener is trimmed in a black rubber material for extra strength. Perfect bottle opener for the beer lover or ideal for backyard barbecues. This bottle opener is a great Father's Day gift, too! Personalize this bottle opener with one line up to 12 characters.
Free Engraving
Connoisseur Red Wine GlasssConnoisseur Red Wine GlasssThis wine glass will make an excellent groomsmen gift or anyone celebrating a special occasion. This wine glass holds up to 19 ounces of your favorite wine. Personalized wine glass with two lines of up to 15 characters per line. Elegant wine glass.
Connoisseur White Wine GlassConnoisseur White Wine GlassThis wine glass will make an excellent groomsmen gift or anyone celebrating a special occasion. This wine glass holds up to 19 ounces of your favorite wine. Personalized wine glass with two lines of up to 15 characters per line. Elegant wine glass.
Distinction Shot GlassDistinction Shot GlassEngrave a name/initials and the name of his favorite libation on this attractive traditional shot glass. Purchase one, two, or a whole set of shot glasses for each of your groomsmen. They’ll be the perfect addition to any shot glass collection or personal bar. Shot glass holds 2 ounces.
Engraved Shot GlassEngraved Shot GlassFor the straight shooter in your wedding party, this smart shot glass is the ultimate addition to his home bar. Whether he enjoys a cocktail after work or a nightcap before bed, he'll be ready for last call. Holds 2.5 ounces. Personalized with a single initial.
Key Chain Bottle OpenerKey Chain Bottle OpenerThis sophisticated key ring is securely attached to a brushed stainless steel bottle opener – a dynamic duo. Fine craftsmanship guarantees a long life free from rust or tarnish for this key chain bottle opener. (Please don't drink and drive.) Personalized with one line of up to 20 characters.
Koozie Black LeatherKoozie Black LeatherBlack leather wrapped 12 oz. can koozie.
Koozie Pink LeatherKoozie Pink LeatherA perfect koozie for the lady. Put down that flask and pick up this pink koozie.
Metro Wine StopperMetro Wine StopperReplace those crumbly corks with our elegant, personalized stainless steel stopper. At the touch of a button, it easily snaps on and pops off his best bottle of wine or champagne. This wine stopper will prevent leaks and spills.
Personalized Bachelor Party Survivor Beer SteinPersonalized Bachelor Party Survivor Beer SteinA great beer mug for the guys. This beer stein holds 15 ounces. They need a bachelor party beer mug to remember that night.
Personalized Breezy Bay Cooler TotePersonalized Breezy Bay Cooler ToteGreat for a jaunt to the beach or a day at the office, our compact Breezy Bay personalized cooler tote packs your whole lunch...and then some. Eco-friendly with a lining made of 50% recycled products, this easy-to-carry tote bag cooler includes a zipper closure, front pocket and nylon handles. Available in a rainbow of colors, the tote bag cooler also features an embroidered initial in one of our 10 signature colors for that personal touch.
Personalized Buono Vino Wine StopperPersonalized Buono Vino Wine StopperThis clever and attractive personalized wine stopper preserves your favorite vintage so you can look forward to that next tasty glass. Fashioned in silver-coated brass with an indentation that holds the cork, the top of the rubber stopper includes handsome contemporary-style initials for that personal touch. A personalized wine stopper is the perfect gift for the wine lover! Measures 3 3/8" long and 1" in diameter. Personalize with three letter monogram.
Personalized Chrome-Plated KooziePersonalized Chrome-Plated KoozieDress up their cold beverage of choice with a groomsmen gift of a dashing brushed chrome-plated personal can koozie. Choose your personalized groomsmen gifts from our five pewter medallion options and personalize this can koozie with his name or catchy phrase such as "Hands Off Bucko". This personalized can koozie makes a great personalized gift for your groomsmen or best man. Select medallion and personalize this groomsmen gift with two lines of up to 15 characters per line. Personalized can koozie's size: 3 5/8" x 3 3/8".
Personalized Coaster SetPersonalized Coaster Set
Personalized Frosty Pop-up BucketPersonalized Frosty Pop-up BucketSmall enough to tuck in your tote or stash in your backpack, our Personalized Frosty Pop-Up Bucket Cooler folds flat and is the perfect companion for a picnic, ball game, or impromptu date in the park. Large enough for several of your favorite beverage, this handy personalized cooler includes a sturdy metal handle for easy carrying.
Personalized Irish Pride Beer SteinPersonalized Irish Pride Beer SteinThis Shamrock beer mug is perfect for your groomsmen gift. For people who lift a beer glass on St. Patty's Day. Personalized beer mug holds 16 ounces of cold brew.
Personalized Jag Bomb Shot SetPersonalized Jag Bomb Shot SetThe Jag Bomb Shot Set can do it all when shot glasses are needed. 1 ounce of your iquor and 2.25 ounces of a chaser means no other shot glasses are needed.
Personalized Joe Sixpack Beer BeltPersonalized Joe Sixpack Beer BeltNow you can have a six-pack without working out! The Personalized Joe Sixpack Beer Belt turns the average Joe into the life of the party! Both fun and practical, he can tote six cans of his favorite brew to share (or not) with friends! Made of waterproof black fabric, the belt's clasp attaches firmly in the back and features front and center personalization. Ideal for any casual party, it's a unique conversation piece! Front placket measures 25". Belt adjusts from 26" to 45". Personalize with three initials (initials embroidered from top to bottom)
Personalized Laguna Beach Tub CoolerPersonalized Laguna Beach Tub CoolerPersonalized party tub cooler. Great groomsmen gift for those intimate gatherings. This party cooler holds a couple 6-packs and has convenient handles for your groomsmen to carry.
Personalized Large Mouth Cooler BagPersonalized Large Mouth Cooler BagOpen wide...and stock this handy, personalized, insulated cooler with lots of ice and your favorite frosty beverage. The extra large opening of this personalized cooler makes it easy to cool large bottles and the sturdy handles and hard-molded bottom means it's extra strong. The personalized front pocket of the cooler holds a corkscrew or bottle opener. Bring this personalized cooler along on your next picnic or take it out to the ballgame! This large mouth personalized cooler is a great groomsmen gift.
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